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Hollywood swing: Models and buying tips presented

Hollywood swing: Models and buying tips presented

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In a cozy garden, of course, a Hollywood swing should not be missing. We'll tell you a few buying tips and which models of swing chairs are available.

Wooden porch swing

For over 100 years now, Hollywood swings have been set up in our gardens and on terraces and used as an extremely comfortable piece of seating by young and old alike. Although the true inventor is still unknown, the Hollywood swing began its triumphal march in the 1950s. Which is understandable, because what could be nicer than sitting comfortably and taking a look at the beautiful garden?

In the meantime, modern Hollywood swings are also made in different materials, which means that they can be easily adapted to different styles. We would like to introduce three different models to you here.

Three models of swing chairs presented

1.Wooden swing:

The Hollywood swings, which are usually made of solid wood, are of course a lot more expensive to buy, but look particularly noble. At the same time, they usually require more maintenance. Since they are outdoors all year round, you have to swing your brush every year and repaint this wooden piece of garden furniture. However, wooden garden furniture all exude rustic cosiness that invites you to linger.


Especially for wooden frames, additional rubber foot protectors are available from specialist dealers, which ensure that the swing can be set up even on meadows that quickly become damp.

2. Metal swing chair:

Metal sun lounger

Hollywood swings with metal frames are called classics and usually optimally meet the demands of their users. Although rusty metal frames need a general overhaul from time to time, e.g. a new paint job.

Furthermore, in this area, some manufacturers are now also offering design versions that make a Hollywood swing an absolute garden highlight. And especially the modern design versions usually have various accessories, such as small reading tables, cup holders, solar lights and the like.

3. Plastic Hollywood Swing:

Plastic sun lounger

Plastic swings can be classified as inexpensive to purchase, but usually have a much shorter service life. When buying, you should at least pay attention to a high-quality version, because plastic can react very quickly negatively to various weather influences, e.g. becomes porous.

One advantage of plastic Hollywood swings, however, is that plastic, as garden furniture, is fairly easy to care for and easy to clean. Lukewarm water and a little washing-up liquid are sufficient for cleaning.

Tips for buying a swing chair

➤ Buy tip 1 - backrest:

When buying a swing chair, you should pay particular attention to the backrest, because high backrests ensure a comfortable sitting position and adjustable backrests even an additional lying position.

➤ Buy tip 2 - cushion pads:

Hollywood swings usually offer their users three seats, less often two seats, and as special versions, they are now even available as a kind of armchair (1.5-seater single swing). Accordingly, the upholstery pads adapt to the widths. Many providers also allow the purchase of individual pillows, neck rolls or backrests made of the same fabric. Upholstery covers with valance edging also look very neat.

However, when buying, you should always make sure that the upholstery pads are made of the most durable and light-resistant material that can also be easily cleaned.

➤ Tip 3 - sun canopy:

In addition to protection from the sun, the essentials of a sunroof are of course also a water-repellent finish of the fabric cover, so that the upholstery is adequately protected in the event of short downpours.

Furthermore, a high-quality sunroof should have the option of adjusting the roof pitch, so that you can easily adjust it according to the sunshine at the respective location.

By the way:

Hollywood swings can now even stay protected all year round with special plastic covers.