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Fertilize under bark mulch - 2 options presented

Fertilize under bark mulch - 2 options presented

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Fertilizing under the bark mulch seems to be a problem for some. It is very simple. Here are 2 ways that fertilization works under bark mulch.

Fertilization is also required under the bark mulch

Even if you have spread bark mulch in the garden bed, you can or must still provide the plants with sufficient fertilizer. This is extremely important because the bark mulch often extracts valuable nitrogen from the soil. Therefore, you should always provide the soil with nitrogen fertilizer well before spreading the bark mulch.

Once the bark mulch has been spread out, there are basically two ways of fertilizing under the bark mulch. We have described these two options in more detail below.

2 options for fertilizing under bark mulch

➤ Option 1 - liquid fertilizer:

If you want to fertilize your plants, even though you have previously planted bark mulch in the garden bed, you should use liquid fertilizers if possible. In this way, the plants can be easily supplied with growth-promoting nutrients despite the moisture-storing bark mulch. It is recommended that you often use a homemade nettle slurry when fertilizing under the bark mulch.

➤ Option 2 - solid fertilizer:

As an alternative to liquid fertilizer, you can also apply a so-called solid fertilizer (grains) in the flower bed. You always have to shovel the bark mulch aside in the immediate vicinity of the plants. Then spread the fertilizer and then distribute the bark mulch evenly around the plants. This has the advantage that the applied fertilizer usually works more slowly in the soil and can therefore have a longer useful effect on the plants.