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Wintering and caring for a princess shrub - how it's done

Wintering and caring for a princess shrub - how it's done

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The princess shrub is one of the evergreen plants all year round. Here once described how you should overwinter and care for the princess shrub.

Princess bushes are not hardy

The princess bush, which comes from the tropics (predominantly from Brazil) and blooms in intense violet, is still largely unknown to us despite its grace and is rarely found in garden centers. This evergreen plant blooms mostly from June to autumn and its blooms appear mystical, because the deep violet of the individual flowers magically attracts everyone's attention.

In principle, the princess shrub is well suited for keeping in the winter garden and in a very sunny location outdoors. In the field, it is best to always plant the princess shrub, which grows up to 100 centimeters, in pots so that you can easily transport it for wintering in frost-free interiors. A sunny location is particularly important, since the princess shrub quickly throws off its leafy dress if there is too much shade and does not produce any flowers.

Here are further tips on what else you should consider when wintering and caring for the princess shrub.

Hibernate princess bush

Princess bushes are not hardy and therefore have to be wintered in frost-free rooms. While this phase is used as a rest period in their home country, it is difficult to guarantee this condition in particularly light-flooded rooms. The necessary rest phase can largely be brought about by placing the shrub in a bright room with an average room temperature of 10 degrees and keeping it relatively dry, i.e. watering sparingly.

After wintering you have to cut back the princess bush generously, but you should only cut back the annual shoots. Perennial wood does not tolerate a cut at all.

Caring for the princess bush properly

»Watering / fertilizing:

During the entire season, you should always keep the princess shrub moderately moist (without waterlogging) and regularly provide it with complete fertilizer. The use of a special azalea fertilizer is ideal. With this fertilizer you can fertilize the plants about every one to two weeks.

By the way:

Pouring the princess bush with rainwater is rated as optimal by experts - even in the winter months!


Repotting is usually advisable every two years, although you should use the highest quality soil possible.

The only problem with the plant is the fact that you have to prune it regularly. The reason for this is that the shrub is very difficult to drive out of its old wood and therefore the pruning is extremely helpful when it comes to forming new pairs of plants. Especially since the plant branches poorly.

»Control pests:

Furthermore, the princess shrub is occasionally infected by conventional pests (such as aphids), which is why you should subject it to regular pest controls. In the event of an infestation, you must immediately tackle the pest with a pesticide.