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Swimming pond equipment: This belongs in a natural pool

Swimming pond equipment: This belongs in a natural pool

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A few plants, plus fish - a swimming pond doesn't need much more equipment. You mean! Hardly anyone can avoid suitable technology for permanent swimming pond operation.

Swimming ponds are trendy

In recent years (see report Sü the trend has gone away from the swimming pool and more and more towards the swimming pond / natural pool. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that a natural swimming pond fits much better into the overall picture of the garden and is of course also easier to maintain. However, this does not mean that it does not require any maintenance and technical aids at all. On the contrary: as soon as you have created a natural swimming pond in your garden, you must of course also equip it with a special swimming pond requirement in order to keep it clean and use it fully functional.

You will surely wonder why you need to equip your swimming pond with technology. After all, there are no pond pumps and pond filters in nature, and yet the water in the lake is mostly clear and fairly clean. That may all be correct, but in nature the relationship between plants, fish and water is also very different. So we have to help in a swimming pond. Below you will find everything you need for this.

You need this for your swimming pond or natural pool

The need for equipment in a swimming pond / natural pool can be divided into the following main categories:

  • Pond pump - for the oxygen supply of a swimming pond
  • Pond filter - for healthy water values
  • Pond technology - lighting, fountains, etc.
  • Pond care - cleaning devices
  • Others - i.a. Plants, fish, cover nets, thermometers, etc.

We would now like to explain in more detail what belongs to the individual categories and why the individual elements are needed at all.

➤ Pond pump:

Efficiently working pond pumps are at the heart of every swimming pond, because they provide the necessary circulation of the water, i.e. the oxygen supply. Accordingly, it is the most important component in a swimming pond.

It is important when buying that you not only pay attention to the performance values ​​and longevity, but also to the energy consumption. After all, your pond pump will run around the clock, all year round. Accordingly, small differences in energy consumption can have an enormous impact.

➤ Pond filter:

Pond filters ensure clear and healthy water in the swimming pond. Often complete pond systems are already offered in this segment, which combine pond pump and pond filter, including different fountain attachments (for a fountain), in one device. Such complete sets consisting of water feature, pump and pond filter are available at

When purchasing, however, it is important to ensure that the biological water treatment is carried out using microorganisms and other biological processes and that no chemical agents such as chlorine have to be used. Otherwise you will not enjoy your fish and plants for long.

➤ Pond technology:

The swimming pond technology has become extremely versatile and extends from lighting to fountain technology, various bubbling effects, etc. However, before you create the swimming pond, think about which technology you would like to incorporate into it. Finally, e.g. the underwater lights are planned exactly in the swimming pond.
When planning a swimming pond, it is best to use a sketch to show how you imagine the pond to look and with the appropriate pond technology.

➤ Pond care:

A wide range of aids are available in specialist shops for swimming pond maintenance, such as Swimming pond brushes, landing nets, pond vacuums, water purifiers, etc. The range is really huge, which is why you can decide for yourself which cleaning devices to use.


Always avoid chemical cleaning agents as completely as possible.

➤ Other:

This category includes all other purchases such as plants, fish, cover nets, thermometers, etc., which are not necessary for the swimming pond per se, but of course give it an enormous visual upgrade. After all, what would a swimming pond be without plants? These are important because some of them reduce the formation of algae in the swimming pond (this includes e.g. cattail, calamus and pikeweed). Of course, no fish should be missing in a natural pond. Other purchases such as however, a thermometer or cover nets are not a must.