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Keep the apartment clean - with these 6 tips, the dirt stays in the garden!

Keep the apartment clean - with these 6 tips, the dirt stays in the garden!

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As soon as the apartment has been cleaned and polished, the children come and carry a lot of dirt out of the garden into the house. An annoying situation that many parents are probably familiar with. With these tips, the dirt in the garden and the living room stays clean longer.

Shoes can stop at the door

It is extremely important for children that they get fresh air regardless of the wind and weather. With the right clothes, it works even in rain and snow.

It gets annoying when all the mud is carried through the apartment, even though you've just finished cleaning. Many housewives can probably sing a song about this situation.

But not only children are responsible for the dirt in the hallway, even if the adults work around in the garden, it quickly happens that dirt is brought into the apartment.

This way you avoid unnecessary house cleaning

The following tips are especially important for housewives, because doing so will reduce the amount of work to be done. So you have more time for the beautiful things again.

Tip 1: Lay out the dirt trap mat

Do you know this situation? As soon as you are outside, the phone rings or the kids have forgotten their favorite toys inside. Neither parents nor children now feel like taking off their shoes or boots again. A dirt control mat in the entrance area can help here. Admittedly, the track won't stay completely clean, but the coarsest dirt stays outside! You only need to vacuum or tap this mat in between. It is best to pay attention to washable dirt control mats when buying. So they just go into the washing machine with the next wash and are then fully ready for use again.

Dust control mats are available in many different colors and with funny welcome sayings.

Tip 2: Set up the shoe drip trays

Especially in winter, when shoes are often full of snow and salt, shoe drip trays can be great savers. The shoes are simply placed in the shell before entering the apartment. This means that the snow can thaw off your shoes and you don't have all the mud in your apartment.

The shoe drip tray is like a small tub that collects water and dirt. If there is a lot of dirt in the tub, you can simply pour it out, rinse it off and put it back down. It is best to set up a bowl in the entrance area so that you do not have to walk through half the apartment with the dirty shoes.

Tip 3: doormats with side strips

Doormats with side strips (available here) are ideal for catching dirt from the shoe edges. These are always forgotten with normal doormats. Then you have a reasonably clean sole, but you still have dirt in the apartment.

The extra strong bristles ensure that your shoes are cleaned from the bottom and from the side even of stubborn dirt. These doormats are equipped with a non-slip profile so that they do not slide back and forth when cleaning.

Tip 4: Take off your shoes and clothes in front of the door

Especially when your children play and run around in bad weather, things are usually filthy from top to bottom. It makes the most sense here if clothes and shoes are taken off at the door. You should then tap the things out properly and hang them up to dry. You can also take the laundry in one go and put it in the washing machine and wash it.

Tip 5: shower outside

In the summer it is just too good to take a shower outside under the open sky so that the dirt is not carried into the apartment. You will find numerous garden showers in the trade, which can be simply inserted into the ground and then connected with a garden hose. In hot temperatures, showering outside can be a nice cool down.

If playing in the sandpit with water has got a little wilder again, you can also put your children under the shower and rinse off. It is also great fun for children to bounce back and forth in the shower in warm temperatures.

Tip 6: keep the terrace clean

Do you have only one terrace where your children can play? If you don't want your children to carry the dirt from the terrace into the apartment, you should always keep your terrace clean. At Lidl, for example, there are special cleaning devices with which you can get your terrace clean in no time. It doesn't take long and you can be sure that this will keep your apartment clean.


Whether garden shower or dust control mat - you see that there are some ways you can prevent the dirt in the apartment. If you take off your dirty clothes before entering the apartment, you don't even have to invest money. If you only take one tip to heart, you can now enjoy more free time because you don't always have to keep up with the vacuum cleaner.