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Create wildflower meadow - how it is done

Create wildflower meadow - how it is done

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You can easily create beautiful wildflower meadows on a large area of ​​grass. Read here how to do this and how to maintain it properly.

Wildflower meadows look great

If you transform your garden into a wildflower meadow, you can offer numerous insects, birds and reptiles an optimal habitat. Colorful flowers and a lively hustle and bustle guarantee you a really great picture in front of the terrace.

Wildflower meadows have an average of at least 30 different types of flowers. Some seeds also contain wild herbs, some of which are flowering plants. The following describes how to apply the seed mixture correctly and how to care for the wildflower meadow afterwards.

Site requirements

To create a flower meadow, you need a lawn area that is as generous as possible (also on a slope), which is in the sun or light shade. You must also note that wildflowers usually thrive even better in soils that are as poor as possible than in humus-rich soils.

" Tip:

You should mix particularly nutrient-rich soils with plenty of sand before laying them down (slimming treatment for the soil), which ensures optimal growth of wildflowers from day one.


Numerous wildflower mixtures are available in gardening stores that are ideally suited for sowing. However, you should study the individual mixing ratios (biodiversity) carefully and only then make a selection. Mixtures with a particularly wide range of species are also available from specialist agricultural dealers because farmers often prefer them for the production of hay. Here you will often also receive wildflower meadows that are even suitable for nutrient-rich soils, or also individually compiled mixtures.

A wildflower meadow is sown like conventional lawn (see sowing a meadow - this is how it's done). It is important that you water your wildflower meadow extensively several times a day for the first few days. The best time to sow the wildflower meadow is in spring.


Wildflower meadows generally require much less maintenance than conventional lawns because they should only be mowed twice a year. The best way to mow the meadow is to use a scythe because of its tall growth.

The first cut, the so-called summer cut, should always be done after the first flowering, when the flower seeds have already flown out. And the second cut is made in autumn.

You don't have to fertilize your wildflower meadow either. During longer periods of drought you must water the meadow sufficiently.