Hedge trimmers: 4 different models presented

Hedge trimmers: 4 different models presented

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To get larger hedges back into shape, it is worth buying a hedge trimmer. Here we explain which models are available on the market.

Hedge trimmers make hedge trimming easier

Almost everyone has to stand in the garden, whether as an alternative to the fence or as a room divider: the hedge. It is clear to everyone that this does not always stay in shape, which is why a hedge pruning or pruning must take place regularly. With the right hedge trimmer, this actually tedious work can be made significantly easier. However, it is important that you make the right choice. You must always pay attention to the location and size of your hedge and the type of hedge (plant type).

Which hedge trimmer models are there?

Today, the specialist trade offers you a wide variety of hedge trimmers, which depending on the selection, quality and performance are then also offered at very different prices. These include mechanical, electrical, battery-operated or petrol-powered hedge trimmers.


When buying a hedge trimmer, you should of course also pay attention to its cutting length. The rule here is that long cutting lengths are much more suitable for large hedge areas. With short cutting lengths, on the other hand, it is clearly easier to model individual hedges (e.g. a so-called topiary). If you are not sure which cutting length you need, it is best to take a photo of your hedge with you and get advice from a specialist dealer.

We would now like to introduce the four hedge trimmer models and their advantages to you so that you know which hedge trimmer is best suited for your garden.

4 hedge trimmer models presented

1. Electric hedge trimmers:

The electric hedge trimmer (e.g. available here) has by far been the most frequently sold in recent years and is certainly also a recommended purchase for most garden hedges. However, when buying it is important that you consider whether you need the electric hedge trimmer for a shrub cut or pruning.

" Tip:

You should check cheap offers for performance and quality, especially since they often show clear signs of wear after a short time.

2. Gasoline powered hedge trimmers:

The advantage of a petrol-powered hedge trimmer is clearly its flexibility in the garden, since you do not have to consider an associated cable. These models are particularly recommended for large gardens. Another reason why professional horticultural companies often use these models. Most of these hedge trimmers are also offered with a flexible long version, so that you can optimally machine even tall hedges from a standing position.

" Tip:

Great bargains can always be found on the Internet. For example, the FuxTec petrol engine hedge trimmer is currently available for 89.90 euros instead of 199 euros.

3. Battery powered hedge trimmers:

Two types of rechargeable batteries - mains or lithium ion batteries - are now available from specialist dealers for this type of hedge trimmer, although the future will certainly belong to lithium ion batteries.

Cordless hedge trimmers (available here, for example) are also considered to be flexible and do not produce any levy. However, it is always advisable to buy a second battery so that you can also work on larger hedge areas in one piece. You should also pay attention to a well-ground cutting knife, ideally even a special diamond-ground knife.

" Tip:

As an advantage of the cordless hedge trimmers, their volume can be clearly mentioned, since these models are among the absolute quiet cutters!

4. Mechanical hedge trimmers:

The classic hedge trimmer is rarely used in modern gardening and is increasingly forgotten on the shelves. Especially since the work with this hedge trimmer is quite tedious and cannot be carried out with the same precision in large areas.

If you should still use a mechanical hedge trimmer (available here), then you should only use it with small hedge areas and with topiary plants on the hedge plants.