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Mulching mower: Advantages and usage of the mower in detail

Mulching mower: Advantages and usage of the mower in detail

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Mow the lawn and fertilize at the same time? That's fine. All you need is a mulching mower. The advantages and the use of the mower here in detail.

By mulching, you increase the quality of the lawn

In a mowing season, around 80 kilograms of grass clippings accumulate on 100 square meters of lawn. Removing this is a chore for some garden owners. However, mowing with a mulching mower can greatly reduce this amount. Read here how such a mulching mower works and what advantages it offers.

How does mulching work?

In normal lawn mowing, the clippings are either collected directly in the mower's collection container or, after mowing the lawn, they have to be raked up and laboriously disposed of. However, if the clippings remain on the lawn, this is known as mulching. The shredded clippings are brought directly onto the lawn after mowing the lawn. In this way you can ensure or improve the nutrient supply to your soil.

In order to improve the soil's nutrient supply, you can use a special mulching mower, which, unlike conventional lawnmowers, chops the clippings much more finely. This is because mulching mowers have specially shaped cutting blades or a second cutting unit for thoroughly shredding the clippings.

What should you watch out for when mulching?

When mulching, your lawn should be dry, as a wet lawn tends to clump and makes it difficult to evenly distribute the clippings. Wet, very long and poorly distributed clippings can also cause the lawn underneath to start to rot.

It is also important that you mow your lawn regularly, as the short clippings optimally promote composting. This also prevents a greasy coating on the blades of grass. It is therefore important that you mulch your lawn regularly so that you can make the most of the benefits.

If you pay attention to these points, the mulching mower (you can find it here) is an optimal possibility for the care of your garden, because with this device you can not only mow your lawn, but also maintain it.


Mulching is particularly recommended in spring, as the lawn is optimally supplied with nutrients during this time of year. So mulching is like a spring cure for the lawn.

Overview of the advantages of a mulching mower

»Advantage No. 1 - lawn is naturally fertilized:

The rotting of the clippings after mowing the lawn closes the nutrient cycle again because the necessary nutrients are reintroduced into the lawn. So mulching has the great advantage that all the nutrients contained in the clippings remain on the surface and are available to the lawn in the optimum amount. So the lawn is fertilized more evenly and naturally than with long-term fertilizer. Ideally, you can cover your lawn with all of the nutrients this way.

»Advantage No. 2 - Financial savings:

The financial savings are also not to be despised. You save on fertilizer costs, because the nutrient-rich grass clippings that are produced act directly as fertilizer for your lawn. With a mulching mower, you also save disposal costs because the clippings do not have to be disposed of.

»Advantage No. 3 - Lawn quality is increased:

Studies have shown that mulching is ecologically very sensible and economically efficient. Tests have e.g. proves that lawn quality is increased enormously by mulching. During and outside of mowing times, the lawn maintained with a mulch mower, in contrast to conventionally maintained lawn, appears much fresher and more vital, has a lush green color and has a dense turf.

»Advantage No. 4 - Suitable for different types of lawn:

Such a mulching mower is not only suitable for the so-called lawn. It can also mulch and care for lawn and decorative lawn.