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Growing mushrooms - that's how it's done

Growing mushrooms - that's how it's done

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Did you know that you can grow mushrooms all year round? Find out here how it works and what you need to consider.

You can also grow mushrooms yourself

The great thing is that homemade mushrooms are usually free of pollutants, which guarantees a carefree enjoyment that you can achieve with little effort. In summer this is almost a no brainer and in winter you only need a frost-free room or a greenhouse. So you can grow and enjoy the delicious white and brown mushrooms all year round.

" Tip:

And you can even grow mushrooms on patios and balconies, especially since small growing containers take up little space.

Incidentally, mushrooms are among the vitamin-rich vegetables that are low in calories and that can be consumed both raw and cooked. So they not only taste delicious, they also don't harm the figure.

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Put in mushrooms sweet and sour. It tastes really great and is a great homemade gift from the garden.

Cultivation of mushrooms

For the cultivation of mushrooms, it is recommended to use a so-called ready-made crop, which you can get from well-stocked gardening shops. In most cases, these ready-to-use crops are accompanied by instructions that make each mushroom cultivation absolutely perfect. When purchasing, however, you should pay attention to the manufacturer and the origin of the culture. It's best to always look for a seal of approval.

For mushroom cultivation you then need a coverable growing tray in which you can spread out the finished culture (substrate). Then thinly cover the substrate again with growing soil and moisten it evenly with a spray bottle. Finally, put the lid on the bowl and let the mushrooms thrive at temperatures of around 15 to 20 degrees.

" Tip:

If you do not have a growing tray made of plastic, you can of course also use a wooden box as an alternative. You just have to line them with foil, fill them equally with substrate and soil and cover them with a transparent foil.

Caring for mushrooms properly

When growing mushrooms, you should always keep the soil evenly moist. For this purpose you can e.g. moisten with the spray bottle. Afterwards you should cover your mushroom cultivation again as soon as possible.

As soon as the mushroom heads sprout from the earth (from about 2 centimeters in height), you have to remove the lid so that the mushrooms on the fresh Air can continue to thrive. You can then cut and prepare the mushrooms in the desired size with a knife. They can be stored in the refrigerator for a maximum of 5 days.

By the way:

With a ready-made culture, you can usually harvest fresh mushrooms for four months before you have to replace them with a new substrate. When replacing, you must always clean the plastic area meticulously.