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Planning a swimming pond: Pay attention to these points

Planning a swimming pond: Pay attention to these points

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Before you can realize your dream of having your own swimming pond, the right planning is essential. Read here what points are important.

Swimming ponds are a great alternative to pools

Garden owners are increasingly opting for swimming ponds and natural pools instead of a normal swimming pool. Their popularity is primarily due to the ecological advantages. Therefore, it will not be long before the swimming pond overtakes the pool. But what makes such a special bathing pond anyway?

An oasis in the green

At a time when allergies are on the rise, a swimming pond can be a wonderful environmentally-friendly and health-promoting alternative to chlorine and chemicals in water. And due to the natural ecological cycle of nature, the maintenance effort is also minimized. For example, the plants in the planted filter zone remove the suspended matter in the bathing pond and ensure crystal-clear water. Arrow cabbage and frog spoons are particularly attractive and popular for planting.

However, the use of fish can also be extremely useful, as they successfully destroy the mosquito larvae and ensure bathing fun in your own garden without any restrictions.

Observe these points when planning the swimming pond

If you have now decided to build a swimming pond, you must of course carefully plan it first. It is important that you take the following points into account when planning:


The size of a swimming pond not only depends on the size of your property, but of course also on the benefits. If you would like to swim long lengths, you should allow for at least 35 square meters of water. If the pond is to be used more as a bathing pond and thus for cooling, then 20 square meters are sufficient.

2. Location:

The location of the bathing pond is very important! Bushes or trees in the immediate vicinity of the pond provide a lot of leaves. If this gets into the water, the water quality can be considerably impaired and the formation of algae can be promoted. Your swimming pond should also not be exposed to the blazing midday sun and the wind. So be sure to pay attention to this point if you want to create a swimming pond.

3. Structure and costs:

Smaller swimming ponds often have a one-chamber system, in which the planted and swimming areas are separated from each other by partitions. Building materials such as stone, plastic or concrete can be used. A strong pond liner provides the necessary sealing in the subsurface. A protective fleece and a filling sand layer protect the film from damage from stones and roots. In the case of larger or more complex systems, a separate clarification pond and a settling shaft are created. An integrated pump is then responsible for the constant water circulation.

Just like the size of the swimming pond, the prices vary, because they are not only dependent on the local conditions, but also on your personal requirements. Additional details such as islands, piers or various ladders make the price skyrocket and you then have to plan with around 150 to 400 euros / square meter. When working on your own, the price can shrink to 100 to 200 euros / square meter.

4. Cooperation with professionals instead of self-made:

Finally, it would be necessary to clarify whether you want to build the swimming pond yourself or have it built. In principle, it is worthwhile to commission a specialist company. Professional swimming pond builders such as Haas Galabau GmbH can finally draw on technical know-how and years of experience that will benefit you in the construction of the bathing area. So you can be sure that nothing goes wrong during construction and that everything is set up quickly.


By working with the various system providers, the landscaping has created another lucrative niche and has met exactly one trend. Ecology combined with bathing pleasure is in and makes the pools real competition.

But not only that. If you work together with a specialist company, you will receive optimal advice when planning your swimming pond and thus also ensure that everything is set up correctly and according to your ideas.