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Chasing pigeons off the balcony - 7 tips

Chasing pigeons off the balcony - 7 tips

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Pigeons are pretty birds, but they can become a real nuisance even on the balcony. Here are 7 tips on how to drive pigeons out of the balcony.

Pigeons can become a nuisance

There are a few animals that no one would like to have in their garden and that can become a real nuisance. These include moles, nudibranchs and voles. In some residential areas, however, the now very trusting pigeons are becoming more and more of a nuisance and even do mischief on planted balconies and terraces. Of course, much to the dismay of the hobby gardeners working there. However, these 7 tips tell you how you can quickly cope with such a pigeon infestation.

7 tips to drive away pigeons

Tip 1 - tension bird nets:

For example, you can stretch bird nets across your balcony. However, these also significantly restrict the view.

Tip 2 - hang up CD's:

You can also thread CD's on a fishing line and hang them up as a kind of mobile so that the mirror surfaces of the birds are chased off the balcony. So that the whole thing looks a little nicer, you can make the CD's on the label surface pretty.

Tip 3 - hang up the bell:

Install bells, because their sound is often unpopular with the pigeons. Various types of smaller wind chimes are also suitable for this.

Tip 4 - remove leftover food / do not feed pigeons:

In principle, you should refrain from feeding on any kind of bird and also not hang birdhouses on the balcony. Furthermore, you should make sure that there are no leftovers on the outdoor seats that could attract the pigeons.

Tip 5 - Set up plastic owls / plastic ravens:

With this tip you kill two birds with one stone: Drape plastic owls or plastic ravens (available from Amazon) on the balcony railing. These not only keep pigeons away, you can also use the quite handsome models as decoration.

Tip 6 - integrate defense spikes on balcony ledges:

In trade e.g. At Amazon there are also so-called defense spikes that can be integrated on balcony ledges. However, conventional nails are also suitable for this. Just let the tips stand up. In the specialist trade under the name pigeons stop in the meantime, plastic nail borders are also available, which can be easily attached to balcony railings and keep pigeons out of the way before an approach.

Tip 7 - set up acoustic defense systems:

Of course, you can also set up acoustic defense systems. The problem is that the pigeons get used to the sound over time. For this reason, you have to change the defense tones from time to time.

By the way:

Pigeon droppings on the balcony or terrace can quickly become a bigger problem because not only does it attack countless materials, it also poses a health hazard to us humans - especially children. You should therefore remove pigeon droppings as soon as possible.