Helix tosta - fighting snails with homeopathy

Helix tosta - fighting snails with homeopathy

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When fighting snails, you should avoid the chemical club if possible. Try homeopathy! The magic word here is Helix tosta.

Helix tosta helps against snails

Snails are a real nightmare for many hobby gardeners, which is why they should be targeted. The best way, however, without having to attack the garden plants with the chemical club. This applies especially to the salad plants popular in the garden, which are intended for consumption. It is better if you use natural means here.

Our tip: Just use homeopathy, especially Helix tosta, against snails! This is also an effective remedy for the annoying pests in the garden. Read about Helix tosta and how to use this homeopathic remedy for snails correctly here.

Helix tosta: Globules for snail defense

You should always use the Helix tosta globules (potency D6) to protect against snails. This homeopathic remedy is made from roasted snail shells and is even available in drops from pharmacies without a prescription.

But be careful:

Helix tosta fights snails mainly in salads, but not with all vegetables and other flower plants!

Use Helix tosta correctly

To combat snails, you have to dissolve either 5 globules or 10 milliliters of drops in about 10 liters of irrigation water. Then leave the mixture to stand for at least 2 hours, better overnight. The next day stir the irrigation water well and spray with it the youngest possible salad plants.

" Tip:

Ideally, repeat this harmless snail control at regular intervals of around 3 weeks until the lettuce plants are ready to harvest.

If the desired effect of Helix tosta does not occur at the beginning of the treatment, you do not have to wait for the snails to eat all of your plants. Rather, you should then use other natural snail control agents (such as slug pellets, beer traps, etc.) to tackle the slug plague.