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Garden flooring - 3 tips for proper care

Loosen the soil in autumn. Each soil is different. One is more acidic, the other more calcareous, the next sandy, some loamy. And because this is the case, not everything grows everywhere. Ideal if you can determine the pH value of the soil, because then you can also plant plants more specifically.
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6 perennial climbing plants

Climbing plants belong in every garden. We would like to introduce you to 6 perennial climbing plants. Climbing plants on a family home - which climbing plant would you like? Climbing plants are very nice. Whether they conquer the fence, the house wall or the pergola or are used as a privacy screen on the terrace - you can hardly get by without climbing plants.
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Make the garden pond winterproof - that's how it's done

Thoroughly desludge your garden pond once autumn has arrived and you can almost feel the winter, then you should slowly make the garden pond winter-proof. Leaves promote algae growth It is best to make your garden pond winter-proof when the trees have dropped their leaves, because foliage and plant residues in the water promote algae growth - even at this time of year.
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Fertilize plants - how it works!

For plants, fertilizing is what a healthy diet with vitamins and minerals is for humans. Fertilizing plants is also very easy. Fertilizers provide plants with the best possible nutrients. Fertilizers and their properties If you deny the plants the nutrients contained in the fertilizer, you have to expect that the plants will break or not grow as you would imagine.
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